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A crown, or "cap", is a fixed or permanent appliance that covers a tooth.  A crown can offer support, protection, strength and pleasing esthetic effects that improves ones smile and functionality.  Our team provides different options of materials and colors to meet your needs including white, gold, metal, and metal-fused to porcelain crowns...








Dental bridges are much like crowns but the way that they differ is that they involve multiple teeth.  Bridges live up to their name since they can replace 1 or 2 missing teeth by creating a bridge from one tooth to another.  They can not only improve the look of your smile but can improve chewing and speaking functions... 




Veneers can give you a beautiful, natural-looking, and permanently white smile that you've always dreamed of.  Not only are they used for cosmetic purposes, but veneers can be used on teeth that are stained, chipped, misshapen or decayed.  They are made by a lab technician and a minimal amount of tooth structure is removed during the process.  Veneers should be replaced every 10 years but the lifespan varies depending on oral health and tooth health.  If you have a wedding or special occassion coming up, veneers can transform your smile so you are picture perfect ready... 



Tooth Bonding


Tooth bonding involves a resin, or white, restorative material and is primarily used to close small spaces, or gaps, between anterior, or front, teeth.  Tooth bonding can also be used for teeth that are decayed, fractured, chipped or discolored.  No dental lab is require for this procedure, a shade match is taken so it naturally blends in with your teeth, and it can be done in 1 visit depending on how many teeth are going to bonded... 


Invisalign(TM) Clear Aligners


Invisalign(TM) aligners are an alternative treatment for metal braces.  They eliminate the need for metal brackets or wires and are clear so that the only person that knows you have them in is you!   Invisalign(TM) not only straightens teeth but it can improve functionality and chewing habits...